10 January 2021

Pieman River mouth to the Interview River mouth

22/12/2018:  Booked for boat cruise to Pieman River mouth and walked the local Corrinna walks.

23-26/12/2018:  Cruise to Pieman River mouth and 31/2 day walk between Pieman River mouth and the Interview River mouth along the coast.  

Boat Trip from Corinna to Pieman River mouth 

Boat trip on Arcadina II down Ferry Point (shacks) and a transfer.
 Dropped off at Hardwicke Point., east of Pieman Head and
to be picked up three days later.
Walk Start to Rupert Point
Foam Creek
Foam Creek to First Camp

First Camp near Ford Creek
Day Two:  North Along West Coast
Walk to Lunch
A welcome spy and a stop for lunch at Rocky Creek

Side trip to Interview River.  The big packs dumped near the track and we just carried a little one.
Sand dunes, sandy beaches and the Interview River, where I had been on an extended walk started from Temma and had had a 4WD ride back in December 2011.  A baby Tasmanian devil had been seen here too and what I missed out on this walk is just that.

Second Camp Evening
Tent was up and we walked back to the creek for water for cooking and a refresh

Campsite with great views
Day Three - Return on Christmas Day
  Conical Rocks Point from the trail, Rupert Point from camp and sea-eagles

Last camp on Christmas Day and the sky put on a show.
Day Four - Return to Pieman River

More Rugged Coast & Bush

Easy walk out and early enough for a cuppa while waiting for boat return to Corinna.
Hardwicke Bay and Conical Rocks from Hardwicke Pt.  

Access to Hardwicke Bay and Conical Rocks Point via Ferry Pt.  It was a bonus that we were able to join tourists for a quick visit to Hardwicke Bay.  

A stunning coast walk and beautiful days.  Thank Allan for tips on weather and Pieman River Cruises for their transport services.