13 January 2021

Lake Ada to Fanny and Lunka Lakes via New Years Lake

10/1/19: Drove to Great Lakes / Liawanee area on the Central Plateau and set up camp (byo porti) near Lake Ada and Lake Augusta. Last chance for phone reception (and flush loo) was at the car park of Liawanee Park Info Station (unattended).

11/1/19: Walked from Lake Ada to Lake Fanny (about 14km) and camped out. Good weather but overnight rain.

Ada Lagoon, Talleh Lagoons from the main track

First night camp at south side of Lake Fanny.  Here we met a few day walkers who came from the Walls and wandered down here without a map.  It was getting late and so just had a quick chat and wished them a safe return.

12/1/19: Walked from Lake Fanny to Lunka Lake via New Years Lake. Fine night.

North side of Lake Fanny, where an unclaimed day pack was found early December last year according to Tas Police via bushwalk.com.  But, then a happy ending was told that the owner was rescued.  Leaving Powena Creek we headed east for about 2 kms to reach New Years Lake.

Comfy seats with views for lunch on the crossing to New Years Lake

Garden filled with scoparia at Lake Lunka camping and the lookout. 
My solo hiking tent at Lunka Lake few years ago.

13/1/19: Walked from Lunka Lake back to Lake Ada via Christys Lake. Fine sunny day. Weather is fine but cold nights.

Started the day along the western shore of Lake Lunka with some scrub. Continued on south about 2 kms to reach a tent city at Christys Tarn of a group of 5 walkers, who wandered through our campsite at Lake Lunka this morning.  The main track back to car is just about 2 kms south east of here.

From the pad and then the old vehicle track ... almost there.

14/1/19:. Back at Great Lakes Hotel tonite for tidy up, shower and, resupply. Next destination depended on weather forecast.