04 January 2021

Minnow Falls Climb

Headed to Minnow Falls on the East side of Mt. Roland for the day.  A 600m climb from Bottom Road to the top fall.  A bit light-on for water too.  Weather was good but the climb was almost vertical in places and the track was "misplaced" a few times so we got back to the car after dark.

Headed west up to the waterfalls.  Traversed south and east then bushbashed about 500m north to get back.
Well-maintained and well-marked on the track up to Minnow Falls.  
The Low Level for the return to the car follows the orange marker.

Bottom and Top falls.  Allan looked comfy and enjoyed lunch up there.
We took the old track High Level Circuit Down.  

Across the ridge, a cave and three ladders were found.  

Down the escarpment.  
Notes to The Old Track Circuit hikers: Be well-prepared and equipped and start early.