18 October 2008

Federation Weekend - October 2008

Mt Cole and Mt Buangor Area

I attended the Federation Weekend in the Mt Cole and Buangor area with Beaufort Lake Caravan Park as the base for accommodation, and Ballarat Bushwalking Club and Outdoor Activities as the host group.

About 18 walks with different levels were organised.  Most of these were day walks.  Two overnight trips were offered and I went on one of these two hard-graded walks.  There were steep up-hills on Saturday, 18 October and steep down-hills on Sunday.  A tracking pole is really useful for this sort of walk.  Also in the morning of day one, we did some off-track walking, traversing north/south of Mt Cole and Mt Buangor.

We were lucky with the weather.  Three walkers took the opportunity and slept under the stars, and hopefully they were not awaken by the light showers on the next morning.  It was a bit misty; but turned clear soon after.

Congratulation to the organising committee, the walk leaders and helpers for bringing walkers together.

For track notes for this walk, please go to the link to the webpage of the host of the walk 

What follows are my track maps and my photographs taken on the walk:

 Lunch stop at the junction of Sandy Pinch Road and Dutchmans Road

Map checking

Cross country heading south

Views over Langi Ghiran

 Ararat Reservoir

Camp on the south side of Mt Buangor

 Misty morning

The boys have fun at Fern Tree Waterfalls

Group photo at the end of the walk