18 November 2013

Sight-seeing after King Spur (Mt Koonika) Walk

On the drive back to Melbourne on the next day, we did some tourist stuff.  Several interesting places were visited such as Bindaree Waterfalls, Howqua Gap Huts, Telephone Box Junction Falls, Mt Buller Summit, and two waterfalls on Mt Buller Road:  the Chalet Upper and White Bridge Falls. 

Bindaree Waterfalls

Howqua Gap huts and a long drop loo.
Telephone Box Junction and a waterfalls nearby
Directional marker & Fire spotters hut on Mt Buller Summit 1805m
View to the north and the south

View from north to east

View from north to west

West Ridge with Mt Timbertop in the background

Looking east, the area in which we did Mt Koonika walk

Another photo of view to the east

View to the south

in zoom mode


Another SSE 


Chalet Upper and White Bridge Falls