20 December 2014

Wye Falls Area

Wye River Gorge and Falls

There are two options to the access to the Wye River Gorge and Falls.  Either way you start on the Mount Sabine Road and turn down either the Wye River Road or the Kennett Road.  Both roads can be blocked depending on the season. 

Option One:

Length: 13km  -  Time: 6 hours  -  Type: Return
Max Elevation: 595m  -  Grade: Medium (suitable for bushwalker)

With the Kennett Road access, the walking track leaves the road about 3kms from the Mount Sabine Road junction at 54S 745219E - 5721305N.  Be certain to identify the start of the walking track marked with ribbons on the left side of the road.  The track to the Wye River is clearly marked with ribbons and ends in a rope assisted descent to the river.  PLEASE NOTE:  It is important for you to arrange your own marker here to get out, because it is very easy to miss the turn off.  A tied ribbon in middle of the river (and a gps waypoint) is strongly suggested.  Then, walk up the river through a gorge taking the left fork in the river.  This should not be attempted after heavy rain.  It is a rather scrubby walk so be prepared for nettles, blackberries, creek rock hopping, and fallen trees.  My walking pole was put in good use.  Don't forget to remove your marker before leaving the river to start the climb back up.

Option Two:

Length: 5.9km to 6.3km  -  Time: 4 hours  -  Type: Return
Max Elev: 519m  -  Grade: Medium
Reference Map:  VicMap 1:50k - The Otways & Shipwreck Coast
Book:  Walking The Otways by Geelong Bushwalking Club 2001

With the Wye River Road access, the walking track leaves the road at the junction of the Wye River Road and an old road at 54S 746886E - 5723355N.  It is easy to follow the track, which is marked with ribbons; but, it is also steep and there is no rope assistance to descend into the Wye River Gorge.  On reaching the river, turn right and follow the river as described for the other access track.

Reach the river, then head upstream
Moss-covered cliff and fallen trees

Wye River Falls


Wye River Gorge and Falls Routes

Quick clips of the Wye River Falls