17 January 2021

Lake Petrarch

Access from Cynthia Bay via Cuvier Valley Track that was not maintained. Require route finding and navigation skills.

7/1/19: Start an overnight walk around Lake St Clair on the Cuvier Track to the west of My Olympus and Lake St Clair with an overnight camp at Lake Petrarch.


The GPS route and Cuvier Valley, Mt Byron, Byron Gap and Mt Olympus in 3D view

At the start, there was a signpost with caution of track not maintained and 

Narcissus Hut via Lake Petrarch 6-9 hours 


The pad marked with few orange markers & ribbons.

Did not climb Mt.Olympus as the start of the side track (ref. the pin on the map) could not be seen. In fact, we didn't try to look for it. Based on resource from previous doers, it's just after leaving the forest, about 700m to the lake.

8/1/19 Day Two

Mt Cuvier and Mt Byron

The section between Lake Petrarch and Byron Gap required route finding and compass skills even if Byron Gap could be seen from the valley. A scarf was found on the way and unsure if the owner had dropped it.

Cuvier Valley, Mt Byron and the pandani.

Missed our ferry connection from Narcissus Hut back to Cynthia Bay due to poor track condition and the new platform near the hut. Set up tent by the river instead.

9/1/19: Finally got ferry back from Narcissus Hut to Cynthia Bay at lunchtime. Pub meal to celebrate.

Views of Mountains of Jupiter and Mt Olumpus from Narcissus Bay