15 September 2013

Cross Country Skiing Lake Mountain

My friend, Allan and I have skied Lake Mountains in Winter 2012 and 2013.  After the black Saturday 2009 fires, Marysville and Lake Mountain has had a facelift.  Homes have been rebuilt.  A Park Office  has been open, as have one or two new ski stores at Marysville.  The trees have been regrown and the Lake Mountain kiosk has also been given a boost. 

In regards to snow conditions, there was a huge amount of the white stuff last year, unlike this year's conditions.  We were not very sure that skiing was even possible when reaching the snow season gate entry and were told of the half of km walk to the snow. We were among the early arrivals in the car park on the 27thof August. 

As expected, we took the walk with our ski gear to the start at Helicopter Flat.  This day ski was our first skiing in the snow season, therefore it was intended for a warm-up and the easiest were chosen first, followed by the intermediate trails.  Allan had a stop to put on a bandage to prevent himself from getting blisters.  One of the skiers, we met on the trail, sprained her ankle and her skiing buddy approached us to make a request for an easy and short way to finish.  After leaving the Lookout Rock, we skied back down via the Royston and Muster Trails and arrived at the car park in the late afternoon.  It was then a piece of cake and a cuppa in the kiosk before we took off for the drive home, with sunset views along the way and the hope for another skiing trip in the coming weeks.  View post Skiing Falls Creek 2013

Ski Trail Map and the photos

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

My best friend, Allan and Me in 2012

... on the trail

Lunch with the views from the Lookout Rock

.. off the trail for a pose

The Lookout Rock in 2013

First skiing in the season

Trail marker with map

The Crossways

Leaving the alpine

Skis repair