19 January 2021

Adamsons Falls And Creekton Falls Loop Hike

Nearest Town is Hastings in the south side of Tasmania.
Access via C635 and Chestermans Road
There was a signpost at the car park.
The 3.3km Adamsons Falls Track was easy to follow and it took about 1 1/4 hours to reach Adamsons Falls.

GPS track of Adamsons and Creekton Falls Circuit Walk

Adamsons Falls

At Adamsons Falls, an experienced and well-prepared hiker would be able to find the access to Creekton Falls. One or two pink ribbons was/were tied to trees marking the start.  The section between Adamsons Falls and Creekton Falls is less than 2km.  But, it was a slow going due to dense forest and fallen trees. Route findings and some navigation skills were required. It took about 2 hrs to arrive at Creekton Falls from Adamsons Falls.

Creekton Falls

Creekton Falls is on Creekton Rivulet.  To walk out, we followed the pad along the rivulet down about 0.5km. There were markers and pink ribbons that helped guide us through the thick forest and down Duckhole Lake Track. Two lyrebirds were spot on near the end of an easy 2.1 km stroll out to the road. Then, it is about 3.5km road bash back to the start at Adamsons Falls car park. Total of 6 hours and 20 minutes (breaks not included) was spent to complete the 18.1km loop. Pack a head torch with you just in case.  I always leave one in my day pack.  

Ascent: 518m.  Descent: 685m