02 January 2021

Grail Falls Climb

Overnight walk to Grail Falls at 1040m. Started at Mersey Forest Road end at 500m.

GPS Garmin track on MM Topo 25k.

Log book and Jacksons Creek bridge where there was a bio station for boots cleaning to prevent the propagation of the fungal disease that shows in the photograph located next to the map.

Lunch break with lovely creek water.  I have been here a few times on extended walks to Cathedral Mountain and Mountains of Jupiter Base.  Had camped here before and had had fun with the leeches.  Pack on again to get ready for the start of the climb.  A dry tarn and comfy seats were found when we were high up and it was also a good time for a rest after all the hard work.  But then had to be careful with our steps to get down there.  Thankfully, there were foot holds and hand holds.
Bottom of Grail Falls camp, South of Chapter Lake
Grail Falls in the evening.  The L & R photos were taken by Allan with a better sensor camera.
Top of Grail Falls and Chapter Lake

Next day: Return from Grail Falls while doing an aborted side trip to Meribah and Horeb Falls, due to difficult terrain. Our mistake was taking a high route. We went too much further up. Will try again as a day walk in the near future with the start near the junction of Jacksons Creek and Moses Creek.

Grail Falls in the morning.  It was worth hunting down an unknown waterfall near yesterday lunch stop and it's given a name of Dzung's falls by Allan.  Next was a short and pleasant walk to complete the return.
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