23 July 2016

Mt Kooyoora

The walk starts from the Crystal Mine Track car park (382m) which is about 2km north of the Melville Caves.  From the car park the vehicle track heads northwest past the White Swan Mine (about 300m from the car park).
From here, the track disappears and you navigate on a bearing of due north to the eastern spur of Mt Kooyoora.  Having reached the peak of the spur (about 2km from the car park at height of 440m) follow the ridge west to the summit of Mt Kooyoora (471m) where there are large boulders and a good bush campsite without any facilities or water.
Mt Kooyoora summit boulder, 471m 
Continue west from Mt Kooyoora along the ridge following red & white plastic tape markers and descending to 414m.  Continue west along the ridge towards the West Peak (420m).  There are several good, waterless campsites on the ridge at about two and a half hours into the walk. 
My hiking partner and also close friend, Allan (photo: top right) 
enjoys panoramic view from a large open slab (about 500m southeast of West Peak)

 From West Peak you can leave the ridge on a southwest bearing down to a fence line (300m) which you follow to the dirt road (MVO = Mt Kooyoora Tk).  Alternately, you can continue following the ridge west untill you reach the dirt road.  Either way, you turn south down the dirt track to the point where you can head east, past the south boundary of the fence barrier.  Proceed about 800m along the fence then follow the creek bed for about 400m and then climb about 400m up to Crystal Mine Track and car park.

Elevation profile

As there is no significant water source on this walk, the hiker should carry an adequate supply for the trip.