10 September 2012

Falls Creek Winter Ski

It was a rather good snow season last year and we were very lucky to book into a ski lodge after a check on weather forecast.  Our friend is a long-term member of the club, and my friend is a regular guest; therefore, I could come along.  It is quiet and less crowded in mid week. 

It takes about five hours from Melbourne to travel to the gateway to the alpine resort.  We arrived at the gate at 1.45pm and we discovered afterwards that we could have saved a day of parking fees by arrival after 2.00 pm  Such a nice ticket lady!  For those, who don’t want any hassle and/or fees related to the drive-in, cars can be left at the carpark at Mt Beauty where there are Falls Creek coaches to take passengers and gear to the resort.  

The High Plains Road from Mt Beauty to the gate at Falls Creek resort is quite winding.  We both enjoyed the views along the way and it took around about an hour to get to the oversnow station from Mt Beauty.  The oversnow station was rather busy with people leaving after the weekend and new arrivals like us.  The oversnow shuttles were useful and there were about 6 people including us on board.  We were dropped off and picked up at the lodge, together with our ski gear and foodbox.  .  We were earlier than the lodge check-in time, so had a cuppa and waited for a little while.  There were about four or five including us at the club house that night and our friend Steve joined us the next day. 
Early morning, we could ski out from the front door to the ski trail.  We spent two days on down hill skiing (my first DH activity) and one day of XC taking in the Aqueduct, Heathy Spur, Langsford Gap, and back.

Love the lodge with its hot showers and drying facilities.  Did not have to put on wet socks and clothes the next morning.  There were good views of  Spion Kopje Spur from the balcony and the windows.

Below is the link to maps of the alpine resort and ski trails.  Trip photos are also included
 Falls Creek village and trail maps

 My first down-hill skiing

Ropers from Dam wall

Rocky Valley Storage

Me on Heathy Spur XC ski trail

Allan and snow

Near the junction of Heathy Spur and High Plains Road