14 July 2014

Skiing Lake Mountain

This is just an update on cross-country skiing at Lake Mountain.  Additional information can be found via the ski trip post last year.  There are a few points I would like to make:

Before heading out
It is great that we can check on the daily snow at Lake Mountain via the resort’s live web cams.  Unsuprisingly, the Village Car Park camera is refreshed every 10 minutes.  Here is the link http://lakemountainresort.com.au/cams with maps for the drive from Melbourne and the access to ski trails.  

Gate Fees
No trail fees this year.  The resort entry gate fee is $53.00 per car.  This works out a bit less expensive for two than the last year.  For seniors, car entry is $51.00.  

Gate Entry Season Pass is $634.00.  The pass covers all Victorian Alpine Resorts and main advantage of it is a quick access through the gate (not waiting in queue).  The gate entry tickets can be arranged online with Paypal.

On the ski trails 
It is noticed that:
On the easy trails, there are trail markers with maps.  
On the intermediate and difficult trails, there are trail markers without maps.
There is a day shelter at Helicopter Flat.  Probably, it is there for the snow season.
For those of interest in snow-shoeing, keep an eye out for snow walk trail markers.

Ski Trail Map, photos and the movie

 A good start for the season

Another day in office for Steve.  Photo: Allan

Me (L), Steve (R) at Lookout Rock.  Photo: Allan

.. also another day in the office for Allan.  Photo: Dzung

Use the below link to the movie 
Running creek at Lake Mountain