16 December 2014

Sheoak Creek & Lower Cumberland Circuit

Lorne Waterfalls - Walk Three
Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls, and Cumberland Falls 

Length: 15.4km,  Time: 5hours,  Type: Loop
Max Elevation: 295m,  Grade: Easy – Medium

Start and finish at the Sheoak Picnic Area on the Garvey Track, which is a park management track. Follow the Kalimna Falls sign at the east end of the picnic ground.  The Kalimna Falls track crosses the Garvey Track and then you can follow either of the two tracks along either side of Sheoak Creek to the Lower Kalimna Falls (2.9km) and the Upper Kalimna Falls (4.1km), then back track to a link track, which takes you across Little Sheoak Creek back to the Garvey Track.  Then, walk 1.2km east-north-east along The Garvey Track to the Cumberland River turn off.

The path to the Cumberland River is 1.5km and steep at the river end of the track.  At the river, turn right following the track along the Cumberland River about 400m to the falls.  There is a river crossing before reaching the falls.  Then retrace your steps back to the Garvey Track and continue down the track back to the start.  There is an alternative route back to the picnic area on the Castle Rock access track. 

The start                             Lower Kalimna Falls

Upper Kalimna Falls                                Sheoak Creek

Cumberland River Track & Falls
GPS route on GE
(Lorne Waterfalls - Walk Three)

(Lorne Waterfalls - Walk One)