15 May 2021

Lerderderg East

Access: CBD (approximately 80km) - Western Freeway M8 and turn off via Greendale Exit C318 - Greendale township (app 5km) and turn right onto O'Briens Road (4km sufficient access for 2WD) - O'Briens Crossing car park. Free overnight camping is offered here with flushing toilets.
Lerderderg State Park Visitor Guide
(L) GPS track log of part of Lerderderg East Walk: Distance 8.1km, Elevation 429.4m

Leave the car park, cross the bridge at O'Briens Crossing and turn right onto a walking track signposted as Lerderderg East with an Emergency marker LER 300 next to it.


Half Day Walk (Winter is coming): Following the river downstream along the Lerderderg East Walk track and return the same way. Unable to do the planned loop (Lerderderg East track - Cowan Track - O'briens Rd - Short Out Tk - O'briens Rd car park: 13.4km) due to some rough terrain and short daylight in Winter. The narrow track is reasonably well-maintained, but a bit slippery because it rained a fair bit the last few days. In addition, we are a party of two, who are over 60 years old and tried to avoid the cliff and some steep climb from the river. Also, the river path and surrounding views were so inviting; hence, we didn't mind back tracking.

My walking buddy enjoyed it and this is his first time on this track. Eight years ago, we had tackled an overnight pack carry over Bears Head Range near Mt Blackwood, south of the Lerderderg East. Check out my solo 3 day loop following Watties (Clearwater) Creek Track and The Old River more than ten years ago.