22 March 2021

Cape Pillar

Located in Tasman NP, south of Tasmania. Access is via Arthur Highway (A9) to junction with Fortescue Bay road C344.  The 12km unsealed road is suitable for 2WD.  Camping fees apply for overnight camping at Fortescue Bay.  A park pass was required to undertake Cape Pillar Track, part of Three Capes Track.
GPS Track log of Cape Pillar as a 3 day, 2 night walk (14-16 Feb 2019) on the well defined tracks.

Day 1: Fortescue Bay (Mill Creek campsite) to Wughalee Falls Campsite - 9.87km
The start of the Cape Pillar Track was on Fortescue Road located not far from the information board outside the park office. Leave the signposted track and road junction, follow the track south-west for 2km past Snake Hill and a further 150m past the old route heading to Mt Arthur.  

Continued the track south, then south-south-east for 2km to the signposted track junction on Tornado Ridge. Then turned left on to a steep descent track about 850m to Wughalee Campsite with tent platforms, a long drop loo and 2 small rainwater tanks.

One of the tent platforms at almost dry Wughalee Falls campsite (Fuel Stove Only) 

Day 2:  Walked to Cape Pillar and returned to Wughalle campsite - 15 km
Early hard work on the day was to walk 850m back up to the Cape Pillar Track. Continued on south towards Cape Pillar about 300m, we discovered an almost completed Bare Knoll campsite. We would camp here and save our energy and time on the steep descent and ascent.

A short and easy walk-in campsite unlike the down and up to/from the Wughalee Falls campsite

About half an hour later, we reached Lunchtime Creek.  I had been here twice some years ago and solo with a heavy pack.  Continued on about 150m or so, I could not believe what I saw, an official Munro hut with all the goodies including a cooking area with gas supplied and a viewing platform.  Of course, you get what you pay for on the Three Capes Track, unlike our budget way of hiking.
Cape Hauy in morning light from the viewing platform at Munro Hut 

An outbound board walk leads 500m south into Corruption Gully, then swings south-east 1km onto Hurricane Heath. Follow the new track 400m east and 1km south to Perdition Plateau, then head south-south-west about 500m to the cliff edge. Continue along the cliff tops east to The Oasis, Triden Bluff, The Blade and Chasm Lookout.
The Blade (250m) and Tasman Island

Chasm Lookout (277m) from The Blade (L). 
 Tasman Island and the narrow rocky ridge to the top of The Blade.

Coastline from Track and Lighthouse on Tasman Island (R)

Clear view of Tasman Island, In/Outbound board walk and 
Cape Hauy in late afternoon from the viewing platform at Munro Hut
Day 3: Retraced our steps on day 1.